Industrial Automation & Solution

  • Automatic DG’s Synchronization & Load Management
  • Energy Management System
  • Machine Control System
  • Water Management System
  • Batch Automation
  • Process Control System



SIMATIC by enerlec is one of the world’s leading industrial automation systems. It includes a range of industrial automation products designed to accommodate a large variety of tasks. Flexible and cost-effective, the SIMATIC system is ideally suited to manage the ever-growing demands the manufacturing and process industry requires of today’s machines and systems.

Delivering you the best Quality of Automation Panels such as Automation Control Panels, PLC Automation Control Panel, VFD Panels, Pressurized Panel, Mimic, Computer Panel, Monitor, Flameproof, SCADA Systems and many more… with effective & timely delivery.


Ease in modification of logic, reduced size, means of remote communications and advances in the technology have made PLC based Control Panels an edge over conventional relay based systems. Control Systems Engineers has provided PLC Automation Panels from PLC of Allen Bradley, Siemens, Modicon, GE Fanuc. From small I/O application to the complex I/O systems are provided by the Control Systems Engineers. Control Systems Engineers have developed communication software’s for remote communication of the PLC Panels in various different protocols. With PLC based Panels HMI/MMI are provided to provide the operator various messages and controls of the process plants touch screen MMI are provided. To effective control of the system.


Adjustment of the speed of the motor is the application, which is required in all the process industries & machinery Mfg.’s. Drive is used as energy saving device for some of the machines to save power during no load or it is used as final control element of the closed loop control application where the speed of the motor is changed to control one parameter. Some of the application is provided with manual speed control of the motors. These are the open loop control applications.


In order to provide clarity of the process with the operation of the equipment Mimic Panels are provided. Mimics are made in vinyl/polycarbonate with LED’s. Special electronic circuits are developed by Control Systems Engineers to show the flow of the raw material/product. On the MMI screen dynamic mimic is provided with all the relevant process informations. This makes the operator user-friendly access.

Industrial automation and process control Industrial Automation & Process Control Research and Consulting practice provides global industry analysis, custom consulting, growth consulting (strategy consulting), and market research and forecasts that are designed to help your firm grow. Our global team of industry experts, consultants, market analysts, and research executives continuously monitor and evaluate the Distributed Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Advance Process Control & Simulation, Lasers, Robotics, Welding, Machine Tools, and Bearings market sectors to develop timely, strategic business market intelligence.

Industrial automation deals primarily with the automation of manufacturing, quality control and material handling processes. General purpose controllers for industrial processes include Programmable logic controllers and computers. One trend is increased use of Machine vision to provide automatic inspection and robot guidance functions, another is a continuing increase in the use of robots.

Energy efficiency in industrial processes has become a higher priority. Semiconductor companies like Infineon Technologies are offering 8-bit micro-controller applications for example found in motor controls, general purpose pumps, fans, and ebikes to reduce energy consumption and thus increase efficiency.

Efficiency and productivity are decisive success factors for manufacturing industries. Engineering plays a central role in this especially as it relates to ever more complex machinery and plants. For that reason, a high level of efficiency is already demanded at the engineering stage, as the first step toward better production: faster, more flexible, and more intelligent.